FRICC – the complete series

The complete series of the “fall risk safety video series” that is sweeping the nation. Including the all new “epilogue” session. And of course the critically acclaimed 2nd episode!

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Switzerland – hiking the Alps from hut to hut – the glorious day 3 hike out

Well whatever bad luck we had with weather (rain fog) all turned around on day 3 (July 3), as we were treated with blue skies and outstanding views of the mountains. I felt that I was “owed” one totally good weather day (though I was reminded that we actually has ok weather the whole time). Also – it can be argued on the difficult up and down hike days, a sun beating down on you might actually be worse.

Anyways, this day was glorious from start to finish. From the initial start and the views from the hut, to the steep hike down being not as bad as we thought it would be, to a nice detour to the huge waterfall at the end of the valley, to being chased by goats (not as fun), to the long trek down to the cable car. It was all awesome.. with “sound of music views” the whole time. it could not have been better, event including the last 100 yards back in Murren, where Roger of Hotel Alpina took pity on us and put us on floor 1 (less stairs), with a great wraparound deck. When I set out to hike in the Alps, it was days like day 3 I had in mind (again, except for the goats) .

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Switzerland – hiking the Alps from hut to hut – Hut 2 – Obersteinberg

July 2 – it was time to go the “hut to hut” part of the journey. Feeling not too grimy, we descended to a river for the first two hours, and then had a decision to make. To make a right and tough it up and over a huge mountain to reach the hut, or instead make a left, head into Gimmelwald, have soup, and then contemplate how to ascend all the way to the hut Obersteinberg ( . we went left.

After finishing lunch, and feeling in some pain, we descended again to the river, crossed, and then started a relentless ascent to the hut. In all, this days hike took around 7.5 hours, and explained much abouthow I ended up in crutches after the vacation was over. Along the way we say countless waterfalls, glimpses of the mountains around us, and told ourself “we will make it”. We did the final steps in some pain, with crows in the mist in the distance. A job well done, but sets us up for more pain to hike out the next day. But first, some excellent dinner and breakfast. The room was unheated, but that was ok – it had indoor plumbing !

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Switzerland – hiking the Alps from hut to hut – Hut 1 – Rotstockhutte.

This gallery contains 40 photos.

Well – I always wanted to visit the Swiss Alps. Like a life goal And after the Italian Refugio from last year, I wanted to be able to hike from hut to hut in the Alps. And so a plan … Continue reading

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Switzerland – Lucerne – the AlpHorns arrive !

We were relaxing in our most excellent AirBNB in Lucerne, in an old town historic square. Suddenly, we heard some deep rich horn sounds from below. We opened the windows to the sight of a semicircle of AlpHorns, playing to a crowd. It is hard to explain the richness of the sound, echoing off the buildings, but these videos come somewhat close.

The alphorn or alpenhorn or alpine horn is a labrophone, consisting of a wooden natural horn of conical bore, having a wooden cup-shaped mouthpiece, used by mountain dwellers in the Swiss Alps, Austrian Alps, Bavarian Alps in Germany, French Alps, and elsewhere.

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Switzerland – a rainy day at Trummelbach Falls

There are not a lot of rainy day activities in a outdoor wonderland like the Bernese Oberland, but Trummelbach Falls is certainly one of them.

With its ten glacial water falls inside the mountain, made accessible by tunnel lift, the Trümmelbach waterfalls are truly unique in Europe. Trümmelbach alone drains the enormous glacial walls of the Eiger (3970m), Mönch (4099m) and Jungfrau (4158m) with up to a spectacular 20,000 litres of water per second. This stems from a catchment area of 24 square kilometres of which approximately half is covered with snow and ice. UNESCO world natural heritage.

and then…true to form, we walked back to the cable car in the rain.

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Switzerland – Murren – “flying in the Swiss Alps”

What better way to spend my second day in the swiss Alps by flying from Murren down to Stechelberg with

One of the deepest U-Valleys in the Alpine World and famous for its outstanding natural beauty. The countless waterfalls, beautiful views of the car-free resorts of Wengen, Gimmelwald and Mürren, with glimpses of the James Bond Mountain; the Schilthorn and framed by the extensive awe-inspiring Jungfrau mountain range…

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