Switzerland – hiking the Alps from hut to hut – Hut 2 – Obersteinberg

July 2 – it was time to go the “hut to hut” part of the journey. Feeling not too grimy, we descended to a river for the first two hours, and then had a decision to make. To make a right and tough it up and over a huge mountain to reach the hut, or instead make a left, head into Gimmelwald, have soup, and then contemplate how to ascend all the way to the hut Obersteinberg (https://www.alpenwild.com/staticpage/obersteinberg/ . we went left.

After finishing lunch, and feeling in some pain, we descended again to the river, crossed, and then started a relentless ascent to the hut. In all, this days hike took around 7.5 hours, and explained much abouthow I ended up in crutches after the vacation was over. Along the way we say countless waterfalls, glimpses of the mountains around us, and told ourself “we will make it”. We did the final steps in some pain, with crows in the mist in the distance. A job well done, but sets us up for more pain to hike out the next day. But first, some excellent dinner and breakfast. The room was unheated, but that was ok – it had indoor plumbing !


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