Switzerland – hiking the Alps from hut to hut – Hut 1 – Rotstockhutte.

Well – I always wanted to visit the Swiss Alps. Like a life goal

And after the Italian Refugio from last year, I wanted to be able to hike from hut to hut in the Alps. And so a plan formed: after 3 nights in Murren in a comfortable hotel, we would leave our luggage there, and carrying only what was needed on our backs, we would hike to a mountain hut Rotstockhutte (http://www.rotstockhuette.ch ) on July 1, and then hut2 on July 2 Obersteinberg (https://www.alpenwild.com/staticpage/obersteinberg/ ). And then back to Murren for a deserved shower.

July1 – well – the weather was supposed to be good, but as was the rule in the Alps, it was wrong. We set out in a light drizzle for hut 1, which was supposed to be 2 swiss hours away (measured by Swiss senior citizen hiking clubs). I would rather not say just how long it took us. What we lacked in long views we made up in near term views, with the richness of the environment brought in closer. About half way there, out of mist, there was a small Pension (Inn) serving lunch (only on weekends it turns out). A nice respite from the weather. After some soup and sandwich, it was a direct climb from there, to get up to the same altitude as Rotstockhutte, and then a traverse past many meadows to the hut. It was a great relief to see it in the mist.

We were welcomed immediately, had some latte’s and tea. And settled in to some serious card playing with some new friends from the USA and Ireland. After that , everyone crashes when the sun goes down, into a common bedroom, with partitions for sleep quarters. It was great, except for the epic snorer in the corner (not me). Luzia, the hut cottagekeeper, was a delight, serving up great cuisine and advice on weather for the next day (she was wrong of course)






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