1000 island lake – the top 4 mistakes Brodie made

Most things went just fine, and in fact we did emerge in one piece (so – there’s that), but let’s just go ahead and document the Brodie blunders, if only to annoy him:

  1. Just because it is the Siarras, that does not mean it cannot rain, causing us to tape our Gortex’s to the tent (which was essentially a convertible), as well as borrow plastic bags from other backpackers (the rain fly will never be left behind again).. This was our Saturday night, at 1000 island lake.. with weather coming… we could hear it.. it would have been grim to get rained on… but we were ok.

0910-191129 0910-190946 0910-190620 0910-190015 0910-193140


2) As we arrived at Garnet lake, more weather seemed to be coming, from the direction of Mt Ritter.. this time, it was a good course of hail… in September. Great fun.


0911-140226 0911-134105 0911-132807




3) When spending the whole day exploring Mt Ritter, why not head back across 90 minutes of dangerous skree, a snow field or two, and then a dodgy descent finally to 1000 island lake… All because of the brodie montra – “if I am up here, I want to be down there”. If I am down there, I want to be up there” .

img_2401-skree 0910-154149 0910-151651 0910-142522 0910-102900 img_2446-more-skree



4) And finally, on the final hike out, we got lost…. When presented with 3 unmarked options , Brodie decided on the center one (that is totally what happened, just ask my friend Hannity), which took us on a hour long downwards trail, which then ended . We then bushwacked for a while, with no great results, until a miracle happened and passing hiker on the actual trail 30 feet above us called out.. and saved the day…


0912-085826 0912-112621 0912-103743





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