Italy – overview

13 days in Italy… now this was a great trip. Taken with our good friends Sue and Tim. We covered over 1300 KM’s from Tuscany to the Dolomites to Venice. Lots of good food, wine, and mountains.

The trip was

1. Land in Venice drive to Siena

2. 2 nights in Siena, Tuscany

3. Then 4 night walking from town to town in Tuscany with Girosole. (I highly recommend them) – then bring the Luggage from town to town, and provide walking maps, detailed turn instructions (turn at the barking dog”), and a smartphone with a GPS . outstanding service. Also, if needed, they would come and pick us up (though we never needed that)

a. Monticino

b. San Querco

c. Pienza

d. Montepulciano

4. Then headed north to the Dolomites

a. Van Gardenia – an outstanding B&B called Garni Aghel

b. Rifigio Lagazuoi a mountain lodge at over 9000 feet in the dolimites. Fine dining and accommodations, at an altitude that Brodie usually provides beef jerky, freeze dried food, and tents.

c. Cortina

5. Then drive to Venice, lose the car, and spend the final two nights in the city with the canals


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