Italy – Dolomites – Val Gardenia – loop hike to Rifugio Puez – the Puez-Odle Altopiano

Well – for me, this was hands down the highlight of the entire trip. A 12 mike 6.5 hour hike above the treeline, in which we take a cable car up (saving 700 meters in elevation game). And then we did a long hike with the goal of making it to Rifugio Puez for food and water replenishments. After that it is a 1100 meter descent (killing the knees) back to the B&B. I had read about this ahead of time on a blog post I found (here ) , but it was not decided until we arrived and got expert suggestions from Margareth at our great B&B – Garni Aghel ).



We started out the hike together (actually Anna and I were mostly behind Sue and Tim – to the point that Tim told some hikers going the other way that they were “kicking our A**’s – ugh). We stayed together until around 1/6 thru, when they decided to take a shorter route back. Anna and I decided to press on and I am ever glad we did. It was amazing… simply awe inspiring in all directions. I was thrilled and happy. Even when the 65 hour hike took 8.5 hours, with a thunderstorm chasing Anna back to the B&B, with 15 Min to spare… J




We mostly followed trail 2.


the intrepid hikers, looking for the Rifigio Puez


As we got off the cable car, the views were all around us


The model posing for a shot



The hike was long, but ever changing 


when we could finally spot Puez, it looked an hour away.  it ended up taking 3 more hours




An unexpected alpine lake



some sheep, with our destination valley far below.




views and more views



best food ever (and replenished the water supply)


starting the long trek down





more of the trip down. you can see the valley on the left – far below


and finally, in the home stretch.. with the clouds-comin (whew)


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One Response to Italy – Dolomites – Val Gardenia – loop hike to Rifugio Puez – the Puez-Odle Altopiano

  1. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

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