Costa Rica – bug, birds, plants


We saw nature everywhere we went, from the area around Poas volcano, to the beach ridge, and near Arenal.  But we saw the most diversity and interesting stuff in Monteverde, where we were blessed to have a guided tour of the Cloud forest  with Koky, a guide associated with Hidden Canopy treehouse (where we were staying).  he was an absolute delight and worth every cent – he even taught us how to take better pictures with our cell phones !

2016-03-19 11.15.23 (Small)

A tukan at the La Paz waterfalls tour 

0325-105421 (Small)0325-105321 (Small)

0324-124648 (Small)

at lunch, we were intrigued by these bird nests

0324-145332 (Small)


0324-075020 (Small)

cat at the treehouse place

0323-101213 (Small)

great shot via telescope and our guide

0323-102825 (Small)

0323-105154 (Small)

banafruit is at the top, and is the female part.   the item below is the male part of the banana (so they tell me) 

0323-150431 (Small)0323-151516 (Small)0323-095417 (Small)0323-091422 (Small)

0319-105828 (Small)

butterflies at La Paz 

0319-105837 (Small)

butterflies at La Paz 


0319-095625 (Small)




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  1. George says:

    Very nice. I’m jelous. Do they drink those wines or is that a cooking wine?

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