Costa Rica – Overview

Wow – what an amazing country. And such diversity… we started out with volcano/mountains, then the coast, then the cloud forest (really unique) and then a lake/volcano. Quite a whirlwind 7 days.

The overall trip

Everything I had read about Costa Rica turned out to be true:

1. The Tico’s (what the Costa Ricans call themselves) are wonderful warm people. It is the country’s greatest asset

2. The place is an amazing display of all of Gods creatures

3. There are lots of unclaimed dogs around, and no one seems to mind

4. It is cool in the mountains, but hotter than you planned for at the beach

5. The roads are ok, somewhat bad, and terrifying. Yes – you need that 4 wheel drive car

6. There are no street signs, and getting directions is an adventure. You need a good GPS app – we used Sygic and it was great

7. Why do they announce a school zone with a sign but neglected to paint the speed bump yellow?

8. Why do Tico’s pay zero attention to a double yellow line?

9. Many people speak English.. but when they don’t, like when ordering lunch, comedy can ensue

10. Our accommodations were great from start to finish, from a mountain spa, to a Villa on a ridge, to a treehouse, to a volcano observatory lodge . and yes, even an American holiday inn express at the start and end (with a Denny’s and a Starbucks – for the homesick). Just stay away from the 55 and over menu.

An amazing place.


from the villa pool

0325-102840 (Small)

arenal volcano starts to appear

0325-102438 (Small)

arenal volcano hiding

0324-094519 (Small)

no nonsense approach to wine

0322-102937 (Small)

the sand was hot?

0322-155621 (Small)

master of my treehouse

0321-172807 (Small)

nice sunset

0320-143729 (Small)

wheres waldo?

0320-085250 (Small)

Poas Volcano

0319-132610 (Small)

mmmmm Empanadas

0319-121249 (Small)

La Paz waterfall trail

0319-095356 (Small)

yes you need 4 wheel drive



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