Costa Rica – Highlights and grand views


Poas Volcano (yes – hundreds around you)… you were warned not to spend more than 20 minutes at this place


from the villa pool


an ill fated hike near the poas volcano lodge.

0325-102840 (Small)

arenal volcano starts to appear

0324-180423 (Small)

Arenal volcano observatory lodge, with sunset. ¬† and “greatest story ever told” on the TV behind us.

0324-172115 (Small)

Lake Arenal sunset

0324-150828 (Small)

waterfall at Arenal Observatory lodge property

0324-112847 (Small)

first view of lake Arenal

0324-111004 (Small)

on way from Monteverde to Arenal, on gravel roads, we see windmills

0323-075353 (Small)

Eden, our 2 story canopy treehouse

0320-143729 (Small)

wheres waldo?

0320-151217 (Small)

unnamed  remote waterfall along the road

0320-143658 (Small)

view behind the waterfall

0320-100326 (Small)

poas volcano – nice clear day

0320-085250 (Small)

Poas Volcano

0320-100445 (Small)

too short to get a good shot?

0320-101303 (Small)

the afternooon clouds approaching Poas

0320-085038 (Small)

A pose that I cannot hold indefinitely





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