Zion NP – the Narrows Hike (again)


map narrows

what else can I say about the Zion Narrows? it is simply one of the most stunning places I have ever been. the concept is a 6 mile hike , in the Virgin river, up to Orderville canyon and the Wall Street area. Wwe ended up going just past the Wall Street area, and then turned around. In all, we spent around 6 hours in the narrows. And it was just magical the entire time.

This is my 3rd time doing this hike. I would do it every day if I could.

From a Zion Guide:

For the majority of the day, you will be hiking in knee to waist deep water with the riverbed alternating between sections of sand and sections with a lot of loose rocks and boulders. …. the footing being akin to "trying to walk on greased bowling balls." While maybe not that bad, hiking poles (or a stick) as well as good footwear will be invaluable. (… And while the water current is generally mild, many narrow crossings can be strong enough to challenge your balance.

we got dry pants and boots/pole from Zion Adventure company – which kept us warm enough in the October river temperature. Anna as always, was a trooper, hiking thru the water with the countless stream crossings.

And, well, eventually – we went back to vegas:


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