Emigrant Wilderness – pain and a surprise at the end

Day 1 as a brutal uphill… gaining 2000 feet in 6 miles or so. Coming from sea level, with my usual issues, it was not fun.. at all. Much cursing at Brodie ensued. We headed flat along the river (an outstream from the Relief Reservoir), then thru a gorge, then high above the Relief Reservoir, then climbing to Saucer meadow (^%&^%^&%) and then finally to the first nights campsite at Summit creek. Totally physically spent.

Day 2 had a 1000 foot climb off trail from camp 1 to ridge lake. Mostly over granite , ascending mostly quickly (and in my case “grimly”).

And then, Day 4 (Sunday) was the “best”. Losing elevation from 9200 to 6300… over 9 dusty miles. With Brodie insisting heading to lowe relief meadow was a better option (as we descended for a few hours, ended up in a treed meadow, dodging dows.


One final surprise… remember – the original plan this year was for Yosemite Valley, then hikers bus to Glacier point, followed by the panorama trail to Little Yosemite valley (LYV), and perhaps hike to Clouds Rest…it was all booked until Brodie decided to change it. So as we are driving out of the mountains, headed back to the bay area, I start to get cell service and have two vmails. And then my friend Allen L saying that “hope you were not affected by the Yosemite fires”… what?   huh?  Turns out that the two vmail were from the NPS, and they thought we may have been in LYV. And would need to evacuate. Check out stories here and voicemails.



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