Emigrant Wilderness – Backpacking to Ridge Lake and Granite Dome – the plan

On a bright sunny morning, we set out from Kennedy meadows (6200)…. headed for Ridge lake (9200)/Iceland Lake, by way of Summit creek (8200)…. How this happened is typical Brodie… we had been all set for a trip to Yosemite, as is the custom every September for the last few years.. 10 days before, Brodie calls me about his current camping trip to the Emigrant Wilderness, and suddenly the yosemite trip was off (cancel lodging, cancel wilderness permit, get new permits and lodging). Oh well… try to trust… the plan is to hike from Thurs to Sunday…

emigrant maps

I researched as best I could. Emigrant Wilderness is along rt 108 Sonora pass road… North of Yosemite Valley. 130 miles to drive, 75 miles or so by foot. . Maps… accounts from others. The best one (and funny) was here. After a nice Wednesday night stay at the Kennedy meadows lodge, it was time to saddle up and hike on Thursday Am (I mention saddle up, because we did have the option to ride or send our 40 lb packs on mules – we declined… after a while it seemed that was a mistake – Brodie the purist – DYB!).


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