Kauai is: lots of stunning places for… well… DYB’ing

As you know, we like to do our “damn you Brodie’s” , for no other reason than we “like to do them” (yes – I know that is circular logic). We have done them in past vacations like Iceland, and there is even a compilation out there.

And Kauai was no exception… here is the full list:

Riding a bike along the shoreline in Kapaa

Swimming in Waipoo falls (startling the other people there no doubt)

After the 1st two miles of the Kalalau trail… at Hanakapiai beach

Swimming at Queens Bath

Swimming in Hanakapiai falls

Swimming in Hanakapiai falls again (a much louder version – startling the many other hikers there)

Swimming the Wailua falls (after a climb down thru the mud – the things I go thru for my art))

In a Napali coast catamaran

In a Napali coast catamaran, in a sea cave (acoustics were outstanding)

And the ultimate – in a helicopter, hovering in a Napali coast valley…. DYB always!!


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