Kauai is: Awesome from the Air

Each vacation must have a little fear and a little danger – that is just a rule. One of our vacation sayings is that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”; and what better way to approach that “end of the comfort zone” than with a Helicopter flight over the entire island.

One of the couples in our B&B (Marjories) recommended it highly, and when the woman exclaimed to Anna that she loved it, “even though she does not even like ferris wheels”, I had my chance… the flight was quickly booked for our last full day, on a doors-off 60 minute flight.

If you are looking for a little more excitement during your helicopter tour, you may want to consider a doors-off tour in our Hughes 500s. Imagine yourself zooming along with the wind in your hair as you descend through jungle valleys and smoothly pass through rugged canyons. Suddenly, a waterfall comes into view that literally takes your breath away. This is an experience that must be felt; it cannot be communicated through words alone. The tours in the Hughes 500 is essentially the same as those flown in our AStar. Having the doors removed from the aircraft can make the flights seem more thrilling than those flown in a helicopter with doors.

It was awesome… I broke up the helicopter videos into 4 sections. I especially recommend section 3 – Napali


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