Iceland is: comparing Ireland and Iceland

One of the overused jokes I used when people would ask “why Iceland?”, is that I would say it was “a one letter typo and I was actually trying to book Ireland”.

Anna and I got to talking about this during our long drives thru the country (and having been to Ireland a few times)….. here is a comparison :

Category Ireland Iceland
Landscape Rolling green meadows; cliffs of Moher crowds Ash and lava fields; glaciers and cliffs with no one around for miles
Unpredictable weather A “soft” rain “your umbrella is now broken”
Buildings old castles and Celtic ruins, evidence of history history obliterated, everything rebuilt, like one big Ikea
Mountains covered with Grass and trees Ash and sometimes moss (no trees)
Music/pubs Everywhere In a few places-we found one band playing 70’s classics
Reasons to worry Is the pub open yet? Volcanoes being overdue
Food heaven Bangers and Mash; Irish breakfast tea Skyr; Russian Earl Grey tea
Cost of petrol High Higher
World Cup chances Low Nil
Road hazards Sheep and narrow roads lined with brick fences Non-existent guardrails (and some sheep)
Waterfalls Nice, occasional Friggin’ awesome, too many to count

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One Response to Iceland is: comparing Ireland and Iceland

  1. G'ma Mahler says:

    Amazing trip! DYB!

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