Iceland is: An Overview

Ok – – so for our 30th wedding anniversary (yay Anna) , we took a vacation to Iceland…. The joke was that Anna asked for an “island”, and I delivered (even I am tired of that joke now).

Once greenlighted, I got to work researching…. I came across this excellent article from the NY times, which only made me more sure that I wanted to go: Iceland isn’t foreign, it’s extraterrestrial". And most importantly, I had a huge amount of planning help from Sólveig P at . I recommend them highly.

I also came across quotes that reminded me of the wild nature aspect of this place. Like this one in response to the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption that paralyzed air traffic across Europe:

“The important thing is for governments to remain calm and rational, and not to panic and treat this as some great disaster.But in modern societies like Britain and Europe, there has been a disengagement between people and nature. There has been a belief that the forces of nature can’t impact the functioning of technologically advanced societies. But in Iceland we learn from childhood that forces of nature are stronger than ourselves and they remind us who are the masters of the universe”

How can one not love a place like this?

The plan was Southern / Western Iceland. No ring road (all the way around the country) for me. Less driving… more experiencing. The original plan looked like this:



What we actually did was more like this:

icelandv4 what we did

icelandv4 what we did

Just an amazing amazing place. See other Iceland posts here

Anna’s motto throughout was:

life begins2

20130711 120134


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One Response to Iceland is: An Overview

  1. Carol says:

    Amazing Donald, I am glad you had such a wonderful trip to celebrate your anniversary.

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