How Sandy treated me

Well this is not fun… a tree on the house. A huge one in the backyard toppled. Another on an angle now. Another split in 2. This was a long night. And no power since Monday at 6pm.  On the other hand we are safe, and have insurance. So that is good.

Damn you Sandy!

 I was able to get the local tree experts out on wed.   the main issue was the tree on the house. it is amazing how they did it.   first they took all the weight off the very top… and once they did that, the tree actually lifted off the roof, as the roots really were still holding it.  then they used rope and a back hoe to stand it up, and then cut it down to fall in another direction, where it proceeded to sheer off a main branch on another previously undamaged tree.   sigh


Update: power came back on thurs 7pm… so 3 days..  not bad.  others had it much worse 





 T h i n g s l o o k m u c h b r i g h t e r .




Update: Nov 7..   so – what could make it worse?   well – how about some snow?   Next come the locusts, right? 




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