Return to Winnipesaukee – without pain this time




A famous event in my life is from 1966, when my dear parents, after driving 4 kids (without seatbelts) from NJ to NH’s Lake Winnipesaukee, finally arrived, only to have me put my fingers into the car door-jam.    The door got slammed.  And I had serious pain (sorry pop).      After some running cold water on it, and a series of lollypops (hey – I was 8), all was well.     Although I do have a scar still.  



Anyways, as sort of a penance for that event, we headed out to stay 3 nights  in Weir Beach, on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.         We started out with a boat cruise across the lake , past many many 1% houses.  One the way over , Amy filmed a Dunkin Donuts commercial (doesn’t that always happen?)




We arrived in a small town called Wolfeboro.    We were greeted by…. (sigh)….  the dreaded white tents, signifying a craft show in progress, thrilling 50% of our team.     it was fine, and a great lunch.   Then back across the lake and a bit of swimming.     




A fine opening day on the lake (ignore all the tattoo parlors) .











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