Gunstock Zipline – time to fly





As a counterbalance to the “slow boat across the Lake” action the previous day, we needed a shot of adrenaline .    And we got it with a full day at Gunstock.    This is a ski resort with a summer option.   A high tree adventure  and a very long zipline attraction.    Well – we did both.  





First up is was the treetop adventure.   “Logs ladder, labyrinth, suspended rings, footbridges, pirates rope, cable mounted surfboard, pirate’s rope, vertical logs and   zip lines ”.  it took use 2.5 hours to finish.      Exhausting.     And scary.     Too much time trying not think about the heights.    










After that, we went ahead and did the mountain zipline.  “Soar above the trees from peak to peak, and peak to base, travelling over 1.5 miles on the longest zip line canopy tour in the continental United States….You can control your speed and even make a stop to enjoy the spectacular views.  A top speed of 55 mph is possible as you make your way from the summit of Gunstock towards the top of Pistol – that’s over 3/4 of a mile! From there you’ll get aboard another set of lines, zipping from Pistol top to the Aerial Treetop Course Start, another 3,809 feet!”   



This was nuts… and as our 2 kids disappeared down the line (see video), then….  it was Anna and my turn (she was so happy).  Check out the video of our flying finish (and a DYB)  of course.   



First a practice run. 




And then a short run at the top.  




Time for the big one, with Amy and Matt first… check out Anna at the end




and now it is our turn, this time videoed from the finish line by Matt.   I arrive just after the canoe with the usual message for Brodie.   and then Anna, fearless as always 



An excellent finish to the NH part of our trip.









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