Acadia – sneaking out for a hike






After days of on and off rain, I was itching for a hike, even if I had to do it on my last morning in Acadia…  So – as the others slept, I snuck out at 5am and headed for the beehive trail , a cliff traverse hike along the loop road near sand beach.   


I got there by 5:30 am and started out.  It was a bit jarring to see that there was not a single other car in the parking lot, and clearly no one else on the mountain.   Not a great plan if I fell (which was possible).     But, on the plus side,  I had the car and the keys, so they HAD to come and look for me.     




The hike traverses a short rock path before it hits the rock wall.. from there you follow the trail, scrambling over rocks and using the ladders and handholds.      Nothing too scary, especially compared to our baseline scary hike – Zion’s angels landing (“don’t worry dear, it is not as bad as angels landing”).



Anyways, I made good progress and got the summit by 5:50 or so, where I recorded a short video (the usual DYB).    




I came down the easier “bowl” trail, jumped in the car, and made it back in time for a great breakfast…. Ahhhhhhhhhh










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