Duke Farms – Hey – local hiking ! – right in our own backyard






We decided to check out the new Duke Gardens (http://www.dukefarms.org/), a former estate of Doris Duke in Hillsborough, a mere 12 minute drive away…        To have a place like this so close, with biking and hiking trails, is really fantastic..   Anna and I did a loop trail, checking out waterfalls, lakes, and lots of foliage..  we will come back with the bikes I think…    it will great in the fall.   




J.B. Duke transformed more than 2,000 acres of farmland and woodlots into an extraordinary landscape. He excavated nine lakes, constructed some 45 buildings, and built nearly 2 ½ miles of stone walls and more than 18 miles of roadway.



The Star Ledger did a story about it also http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/05/as_duke_farms_opens_visitors_g.html : “The 2,740-acre preserve, a home of the late heiress Doris Duke, is one of New Jersey’s richest natural habitats, and after almost seven years of preparation, the preserve opened 1,000 acres of lush forest, meadows and prized orchids to eager New Jerseyans. 



UPDATE 6/16/2012: 

We went back for a pre-fathers day romp in the park, staring dear old Dad.    the tram proved to be a great help.   We got off at the old foundation, and then walked to the Orchid room.     It was very nice, especially the unsolicited DYB !    




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