is it time to spike my hair?



Somehow, we came upon 2 three day passes to Bamboozle –   3 days of hard rock in Asbury Park..        we decided to go, because we liked a few of the bands, but mostly to make Matt (21) insanely jealous .




We arrive Saturday to quite the scene.   The median age seemed to be 22 or so.     Lots of teens, tattoos, piercings,  and pants dropping to the ground (sigh).   I am really not sure we were the target audience for this.        I tried to spike my hair a bit to fit in.




Foo Fighter (excellent show) and Jimmy Eat World (I remember the songs from Matt) were my highlights on Saturday.   Though we saw so many bands that it is something of a blur (we did avoid the “screamo stage” whenever possible).      And we made Matt nuts by telling him that instead of seeing “Brand New” , we went to get some tea… J




Sunday was a bit colder.   And more tea was in order.    We suffered thru some idiot rapper (Sam Adams), but then settled in for the wait for Bon Jovi… Gaslight Anthem was very good.    And even finished with a “who” song (yes – “teenage wasteland”) .


The last act was worth the wait…  we had never seen Bon Jovi… we somehow pushed ourselves right up to center stage.    Poor Anna was on her tippy-toes.     But it was worth it.   The energy of the crowd and the band wa
s symbiotic.   And we seemed to know more of the songs than we thought we would know.  





All in all an excellent weekend.   (I even scored a goal in Sunday soccer!).









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