golf is: a series of random acts, dumb luck, and despair





Another successful golf outing has been done, with an epic number of golf balls lost  – at least by me ( Kings North is killing me financially.)  We played, with varying success:   Man O War , Litchfield Country ClubBlackmoor, and finally… Myrtle beach national –  Kings North






We finally landed on the gambler…. Well – 2 of us did…. And not the two you would expect









We all tried to land on a par 3 island green, and for once we all did it…   Ray on the back fringe, and the rest in the sand on the left…. So – we each needed to gently wedge out of the sand, with Ray standing guard on the far edge , playing defense.   My shot, however…. Did not gently land on the green, but rather soared 30 feet over Ray into the water .  He failed me!!   …. Zobre: “he needed a Patriot missile to stop that”.









Zobre playing his usual second shot.   and then third shot








The motto: “golf is a series of random acts, dumb luck, and despair.”     – I can’t wait for next year





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