project runway – Sunday Soccer version


And now…. a dissertation on the attire of soccer players in the February cold, and how it may affect their play.



Antoni – simple colors.   a splash of red.      and a knee barely held together.   






Andre: a man proud of his truck and his business.    his soccer uniform was a deteriment on the field though, as his jacket made a constant wooshing sound as he ran… but… he didn’t run all that much, so it was ok. 






Roman: at times, one of the best dressed.   today…  he is doing the “everything in my closet” school of fashion.     







Andy: bare legs is an odd choice for February…. but he pulls it off.    played well today except for when he ran thru my foot.  many KM’s 





Pavol: surely a better choice that his usual winter coat attire.     however the look is marred by whatever he is doing with that right hand.    tsk tsk 







Abel: plaid is an odd choice.    but he backs it up on the field. 






Carlos: totally ready for battle.    motivated and well clad..  too bad the defense was like a sieve today….   





Jim: overly concerned with his outfit.   and way too excited about recent clothes shopping trips.   it affected his play today .   Although we do very much like the “staring into the distance gaze. 



Mietek:   ready for soccer, even in a Poland winter.   coordinated… and matching hat…. 






Alex: eagle green is NEVER a good choice.   especially when your team has been playing golf for many weeks.     it was unfortunate (for us) that every shot he took went in.        damn 









Jacek:    an excellent look, that screams “a keeper that is not going to be beat today”.   However,   that was not the case, the tune of 11 goals or so…. even 1 own goal… (not by me for a change) 






David: nicely protected from the cold, but not by shin guards (as he found out before halftime).   Scored an awsome volley’d goal.     we hate him 




Jurek: And finally… always the best dressed (at least when Marc Kot is not there), there is always Jurek…   although the red shoes are a bit presumptous 




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One Response to project runway – Sunday Soccer version

  1. jurdeb says:

    Exellent job Mr. Mahlerski

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