The scariest place we ever took the kids


Looking at some old pictures, I came across this one.  I think it qualified as the most nervous I have ever been with the kids.     We have been to some scary places:

·         Angels Landing in Zion – sheer drops (in fact, it is this hike that we use as a measurement (“is it worse than Angels Landing?”)

·         Narrows in Zion – threat of flash floods

·         Grand Canyon – heat and drops

·         Yellowstone – thermals and burns

·         Acadia – the Precipice and the Beehive

·         Seville – my mangling of the Spanish language

But this was worse.  It is Taft point in Yosemite.  Why is this the worst:

1.       The kids were much younger

2.       It is 3000 straight down, right past that railing – like serious sweat kind of altitude …    


From Wiki:   Taft Point, located in Yosemite National Park near Glacier Point is very much like Glacier Point in that it offers wide views of the valley and other attractions like Yosemite Falls and El Capitan. However, the main attraction of Taft Point are the giant fissures in the mile high granite rock beneath you. The fissures are breaks/cracks in the mountain that drop directly down to the valley floor at some points. There is only a railing on the last fissure which makes Taft Point much more dangerous than Glacier Point. The fissures allow daring partipants to venture out to the edge where even the most adventurous will feel butterflies in the stomach.


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