the Mighty Kings Canyon – Mist falls


And finally , Amy arrived and it was time to see Kings Canyon NP.  


Kings Canyon, with a maximum depth of 8,200 feet (2,500 m), is one of the deepest canyons in the United States.[6][7] The canyon was carved by glaciers out of granite. The Kings Canyon, and its developed area, Cedar Grove, is the only portion of the main part of the park that is accessible by motor vehicle. Both the Kings Canyon and its Middle Fork twin, Tehipite Valley, are deeply incised, U-shaped glacial gorges with relatively flat floors and towering granite cliffs thousands of feet high. 




The canyon was just as amazing as advertised.      Huge vistas, a carving river, and then a fine hike to an excellent waterfall.     Amy was a strong hiker, and I tried hard not to run out of interesting conversation.   I may have failed at that.  



A nice long lunch at Mist falls, at the brink.     And then we trek’d back…     



Amy then slept on the ride back (how could she?)…   and then a quick visit for Amy to see Grant Grove sequoias.  


We lingered at our hotel (the most excellent Montecito Sequoia Lodge  – highly recommended) , took some pictures by the lake, and it was time to say goodbye..


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One Response to the Mighty Kings Canyon – Mist falls

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amy looks so cute – I’m Suuuuure the conversation never got boring!!! I think I saw a budding hand model in one of these pics

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