Glacier – the definitive DYB



For those that follow this posterous (all 2 of you), there has been a series of video’s that call out my friend Mike Brodie, in which I am in some kind of beautiful place, and call him out with a “damn you brodie”.  Why?   I have no idea.   It just happened and I cannot seem to stop.   Some examples are here and here and here (note that is it not just me).   And Brodie even retaliated here.



Well, as it happened, on Aug 16 Brodie (Mike), his daughter Miranda, and his brother David  Brodie happened to be in West Glacier, while we are were in our last night in East Glacier.   A quick 80 minute drive on Rt2 brought us to together for dinner, and this video:  




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One Response to Glacier – the definitive DYB

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitive DYB? You have always been so full of yourself. Even so, I guess you pulled off a good one to get my brother in the act. How much did you pay him?

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