Glacier – Highline trail – can’t get enough of those views.

As is the pattern, we think we are going to hike one hike, and then find out that the one we want is closed (Hidden Lakes – snow), so we take another which turns out to be most excellent.    In this case, we took Glacier’s Highline trail, which showcases the very best of the “ Going to the Sun Road” (GTTS) area.  


Starting out from Logan pass (with it’s dearth of parking and acceptable bathrooms), we set out to reach the Haystack Butte.



This was one of those hikes that starts out with great vista’s, and they keep getting better.   No trudging thru forest for us – we start out above the tree-line and stayed there.  And not a lot of elevation gain or loss.   With vista’s of mountains, glaciers, and the GTTS road below.   Outstanding.




After a nice lunch, we spot a snow covered pass in the distance, and with an encouragement from a passer-by (“really – it is only 1 mile”), we set out to cross the pass and look down into the other valley.  




Was totally worth it.    And the interesting piece was that we ended up just on the other side of a ridge (the Ptarmigan wall) from the Swift Current pass trail (Many Glacier region) we took the previous day.    Weird. 


We trudged back, past the snow, and the high cliffs, and made it back to the car.   After only 11 miles and 4-5 hours (I lost track).    Time well spent.





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