Glacier – Swiftcurrent Pass hike – "what? you saw bears?"


After finding out that Grinnell Glacier trail and the Iceberg Lake trails were closed, we needed another hike.   We considered hiking to Cracker lake, but were less than thrilled with the 1st 2 miles of horse droppings.   We decided on SwiftCurrent Pass trail, and it was great.


Starting at SwiftCurrent lodge, in 70 degree blue sky weather, we headed past a series of alpine lakes, including redrock lake and bullhead lake.   Between the 2 was redrock falls, a nice snack point.    It was great to sit in the spray of the falls.



After that, we were not sure of the plan, but I could see in the distance a cirque, with a headland that could be reached with .. ahem… not “too much” effort.    After passing Bullhead lake,


U we went.    A series of long switchbacks, culminating in a 4 lake view of the trail we were just on.    Wow.  We decided after lunch to head up higher, to get a closer look at the waterfalls.   Just stunning.




After staying a while, we headed down,  passing a snow field that clearly needed Anna’s creative touch.




A few more yards down the trail, I hear a whimper from Anna who races past me, with news that there was a moose towering right next to her .  He kept on eating, and we raced away (after a quick picture).     ???


We completed the hike,   around 12 miles or so in all…   and we were not done with the moose(s).      While on the balcony of the Many Glacier Hotel, we looked out to see “ears” headed across the lake.   A moose seems to have decided to swim the lake and eat..  right in front of this hotel.     Very cool.   Loving this place!









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