Myrtle 2011 – "don’t worry – the mulch will stop the ball"



Our 5th annual golf trip has been completed, with the usually amount of trash talk, indulging, and bad golf  course-management decisions.    And… way too many 3-putts.    But – what is golf except an opportunity to torture yourself emotionally, for 5 hours, with some walks thru the woods thrown in… nice huh?


As usual,  Ray and Tim played golf, while Zobre and I played something that resembled golf, but mostly was an exercise in quiet desperation.     But… when that one shot happens… when you clear the tree…   When you crush the 5 wood…. When you make a putt past 8 feet…..  When you finally land on “the gambler”….   it is truly magic…


It was a most enjoyable 4 days… (well – until the last 8 minutes… let’s not discuss that… )




Until next year…..



Don M  



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