The Pop 90 birthday party

Well – the auspicious occasion finally happened.   and it was wonderful to see my mom and dad, surrounded by loved ones, celebrating the 90th birthday.


We started with a review of his early years, his Jersey City constant moving, his school grades, and his brothers and sisters.




We then proceeded to a Jeopardy show type quiz show, won by Rob because he was the only one to actually try to answer a question (there is no prize money).     The questions were interspersed with Pop sayings (“did you know”), and videos from the grandkids.

All of his grandkids provided tribute videos.   some were heart felt, some silly.   but all we sent with love:


Amy’s Video (take from the side of the highway in Texas, was a hit:


Matt also had a heart-felt video:


My dad’s experiences in WW2.   He worked in the Army signal corp, in Austrailia, helping to decode the Japanese communications, as well as trying to stay out of trouble:

We discussed how my mom and dad met and got married (he is so romantic!):

Bonus: an audio on how they met:


And then, a documentary, researching his tremendous home run hit in 1968. complete with bad acting (by me), excellent camera work (Anna), and a stirring eyewitness account (Scott Raiman).  btw – you can see more of Pop athletic exploits, this time with a football, here:


At the end, my dad got up and said a few things, reflecting on his life, his sweetie, his family, and thanking everyone for coming.  After that, we went and watched his JETS, who beat the Patriots to qualify for the AFC Championship game.




As my dad said at the end: “A perfect day!”.



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