Rally to restore sanity !!


Yes  – On October 30, Anna and I decided to join the throngs that descended on Washington DC, for the John Stewart/Stephen Colbert “Rally to restore sanity/fear” (http://www.rallytorestoresanity.com/).     It was GREAT !    There is something about being in a crowd that large that is invigorating  (and at times terrifying) .  


We came with our friends Mike and Kim Marsh, and arrived around 11am for the noon rally…  walking past the white house, arriving on the Mall just past the American History Museum. 






The rally was between 3rd and 14th street, with the stage in front of 3rd ave.    We tried to get close to the stage.   it was hopeless.  See overhead photo (we were to the left of the video screen in the lower left – not really close at all… sigh….)  


We were lucky to be able to see a screen at all.     well most of us (poor Anna)….




There was the usual large gathering activities, like music…. and a series of beach balls.   We were packed in like sardines.  we were going to have to stand for the 3 hours.   there was no choice.   Some people climbed trees.  Some climbed and then sat on port-a-potties.   yuck. 






With all the attendees, between 100 and 200k, the guys from Mythbusters decided to have us all do the wave.   I thought we were relatively close to the stage, across from the National Gallery of Art, until the the wave took 40 seconds to reach us.     




I liked the “No one’s more american than me”, as did all the crowd around us.   made even more funny by Stewart trying to sing… 


The one serious part of the rally was Stewart’s closing remarks, which you can find here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rally_to_Restore_Sanity_and/or_Fear).  



The best part of the event were all the signs (http://www.slate.com/id/2273135/ and http://www.rallytorestoresanity.com/photos/).   They were political, silly, or just nuts…. here are some examples.





After it was over, Anna and I wandered around the mall, as opposed to joining the throngs headed for the metro.   




Overall, I am glad I went, though I am not sure what I just attended.     But it was great fun….  and summed up nicely as follows: 




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