Pop attends Notre Dame vs Navy (um… er….never mind the score)

It was time to visit the new meadowlands stadium, and what better excuse than a visit of the pop’s favorite Notre Dame fighting Irish vs Navy.     After a military precision pickup schedule (9:02 AM Pop, 9:12 Rob), and some excellent provisions from mom, we were off to the stadium.   


We went early to have a tremendous tailgate party (check out the not one, but three chairs !!)   wow….





and also to play a little football, although I am sure pop has not thrown a ball since the 80’s.       towards the end, he was just rolling it to me – hopefully he did not tear a rotator cuff.







We headed into the stadium (a long way) , and after some indecision (was it section 306 or 337), we made it.    







A most impressive pre-game, including the march of the Navy cadets, the national anthem and a F16 flyover.   very cool! 





The game started out well for the Irish (drive to the 1 foot line), but after a stop on 4th down, Navy went 99 yards to score a TD, and the proceeded to keep scoring and scoring..  


At halftime, Notre Dame was down 21-10…. and so…. pop gave this ringing endorsement. 



The rest of the game …. well, it got worse.  some of us were still excited , but some (to remain nameless) seemed to be taking a rest… heh 



the food was excellent !! 






they ended up losing 35-17, but… it was a great game nonetheless.   go notre dame !  











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