Sometimes in life, you need to aim….. for the far post

Alas, I did not.    I am number 9, taking a fine thru pass from Alex and trying to score… but instead of going for the far post, I try for the near post.. and miss.   damn… (the more I look at this, the worse I feel)



what you don’t see (thankfully)  is the resulting prolonged (30-45 seconds) of booing and heckling from my buddies from Polonia…. many KM’s 🙂




this video taken by Doug’s wife Melinda (who was hoping to see him score)   .  he is #3 cutting across the 6 yd box.   he was nowhere near as open as he thinks he was.






this footage was from game #3 of a charity soccer tournament this saturday  :  see
(like the purple jerseys?)







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