April 3 – Yosemite Day 2 – Hike to Vernal and Nevada Falls

what could be better than the hike to Vernal and Nevada falls? ?? nothing. ??

even a bit (ok… a lot) of snow on the trail did not deter us. ?? we pressed on and made it after… well… quite a few hours. ?? ??and yes – there were many other people on the trail. ??The mist tail was closed, so we had to take the many many switchbacks of the John Muir trail. ?? ?? ??as we neared the top, the trail had quite a bit of snow, which made for some interesting traverses. ?? but, nonetheless, ??we pressed on and were rewarded with the area above Vernal falls, including the????Silver Apron and Emerald Pool. ?? ??during spring run-off…. very nice .

The hike has a nice??view of half dome????towards the end. ?? ??ahhhhh




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not all who wander are lost...
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One Response to April 3 – Yosemite Day 2 – Hike to Vernal and Nevada Falls

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those are definitely weak DYBs. C’mon, tell them out!!!! Like DAMN YOU MAHLER!!!!! There, I feel better.

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