Mt Rainier – Panorama Trail – August, 2005


When looking back at various hikes, we use the E2P ratio (effort to payoff).   sometimes the payoff is absurdly huge for little effort (see the 2009 Ireland Slieve league hike in this blog).   Sometimes it is a lot of work for so-so or little payoff – my family can probably enumerate them better than I.   

In this case, there was serious effort, but I don’t think I have ever been in a more stunningly beautiful place.   the Panorama trail on Mt Rainier.   it was jaw-dropping at every turn.    we had a day with wispy clouds, but mostly clear view of the mountain.  wow.        Add to that the wildflowers, occasional snow fields, and the bracingly cold stream at the end… it was perfect.



I want to go back.








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